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 apartment szk9 in Budapest center

accommodation in Budapest center

Aparthotel, apartment hotel in Budapest


Cheap hotel in Budapest Apartments, guest rooms with en suite bath in Budapest center

Cheap accommodation in Budapest
Budget lodging in Budapest


Apartement Hotel in Budapest,
rooms with use of kitchen
Reductions, discounts, surcharges to the rates, prices of aparthotel or hostel
City Centre Apartments in Budapest

Accommodation categories of hostel in Budapest officially called "City Centre Apartments Inc. Budapest"

We offer the following broad scale of accommodation categories to our guests most of  them in the guest house at the address: 1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 5. :
To view the relevant photo, please click at the link.

Kitchens and their equippments

Guest rooms


A./ Studio One 25-28 m2 flat,apartment consisting of one bed room with cable 'TV, one bathroom with lavatory basin, toilet, shower One kitchen :gas range,-in some of them gas stove- micro wave oven, sink, coffee maker, toaster, dishes, plates and cutlery. Every room, bathroom, kitchen has a lockable door.
Four studio-apartments are available.,6/a, Szk 7/a, 11/3, 17/4 and 21/3.

Aparthotel, apartment hotel also for group accommodation in Budapest

B./ Apartment with two bed rooms and only one bathroom /lavatory basin, shower or bathtub. One separate toilet. One kitchen .
Two such apartments are available one is 50 m2 the other one is 75 m2.

C./ Apartment with two bed rooms and two bathrooms
/lavatory basin, shower or bathtub, toilet/ and one common kitchen. Refrigerator is in every room.    
Six such apartments are available between 47 and 63 m2.

D./ 81 m2 three-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms.
bathroom with shower or  bath tub, lavatory basin, toilet. There is also one sepatare toilet. Common kitchen for three rooms.
Two such apartments are in our offer. Szk 7 on the first  floor and Szk 17 on the  third floor. 
Accommodation in Budapest
Budget guest house, apartment hotel

E./ 74 m2 three-bedroom apartment with three bathrooms.
We have only one such apartment at Szentkirályi utca 6.II. floor 28. Short form Szk 28.

Guest room in apartment for holiday / the owner is not using the for hotel refurbished and altered apartment

F./ Room with separate bathroomapartment-hotel,rooms with bathroom in Budapest
A room with bath in a larger apartment, where one or two more rooms are for guests.
The rooms have separate bathrooms only the kitchen is common. Each room has a separate entrance and safety lock.
Only the kitchen is common.
Refrigerator is in every room.
The majority of the bathrooms are attached to the room/en suite/.
Most of the bath room are with shower, but 11/2 is with bath tub.
17 such rooms are available.

Aparthotel, apartment hotel in Budapest also for group accommodation

G./ Room with shared bathroom
in a larger apartment, where two more rooms are for guests.
One of the rooms has a separate bathroom.
The two other rooms are sharing a large bathroom/ shower or tub, lavatory basin and toilet. There is one more toilet for the two rooms with the shared bathroom.
 Four such rooms are available.
Only the kitchen is common. Each room has a separate entrance and safety lock.
Refrigerator is in every room.
Only two such apartments / totally four rooms with shared bathroom/ are available.

In every aprtments is a fully equipped kitchen : gas range or stove, microwawe oven, sink,pots, cuttlery,plates, glasses and mugs,coffe maker, electric cattle, toaster. Refrigerators are in the rooms.

City Centre Apartments Budapest Inc. - apartment hotel in Budapest- wishes   you a pleasant stay in Budapest !

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